Eye Surgery: Excimer Laser Solution

Fed up with glasses?

You can’t stand wearing contact lenses any more? In short, you would like to be relieved for this restraint that disturbs every moment of your life. This website is for you: thanks to the 100% laser technology - iLASIK procedure - combined with the expertise of our specialised surgeons, you will be able to improve you lifestyle!

Cutting-edge technology

Established in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (south of Perpignan) on Médipôle site, Vision Sud Santé gathers the skills of five ophthalmologic entities. Equipped with high-performing 100% laser material (Femtoseconde IntraLase®60 and Excimer VisXS4IR® laser), the technical support centre is at the cutting edge of technology thus offering you all the guarantees for a high-quality, completely safe eye surgery.